Nick van Vugt: Connecting Community and Product Goals

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Episode 6

Host: Ethan Collins

For Mobile F2P it is impossible to drive a continuous and increasing profit margin and always give players what they want. It’s a business after all. In episode six we take a seat with Community Manager for Uken Games, Nick Van Vugt, and talk about how his team combined the best of both Product data analysis and Community-lead qualitative and emotional feedback to generate phenomenal results. Learn the method behind the success that drove a 100% increase in revenue and a 40% increase in retention.

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Nick van Vugt is the Community Lead at Uken Games, a mobile game studio located in Toronto, Canada. As one of the first members hired on the team nearly eight years ago, Nick has had a hand in and helped shape the direction of how Uken communicates with, manages, and responds to their vast community spanning millions of daily active users.

Nick has had the opportunity to speak about Community Management at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and the Montreal International Game Summit and has collaborated with industry leaders in Community Management. His current focus is bridging the gap between product/development and CMs to create a better ecosystem for all aspects of the industry to work together more effectively.