Mathew Anderson: The Past, Present and Future of Game Community Management

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Episode 8

Host: Ethan Collins

To counter the narrative portrayed by the article “Why Community Management Is a Dead-End Job — and What to Do About It” we invited Mathew Anderson onto the show. He discusses his 15-year history of Community Management in the industry and shares his insights into where the community should sit in an organization and why it continues to be a place and position that excites him as he looks to the future.

Mathew Anderson

Mathew Anderson is a leading Senior Community Manager in the computer game industry for over 15 years. His experience comes from passionately creating and growing online game communities at both media and developer companies. He truly believes that closely knit communities are the core of a game's long-term success.

Mathew has also explored the game industry in China while having spent a year teaching English there. A book about his travels was published in 2013 and is available on Amazon. He has also written other books and numerous articles ranging from community management to the exploration of the universe.

Mathew is currently the Senior Community Manager at KingsIsle Entertainment in Austin, TX. You can follow Mathew on Twitter.