Henry Fong: Know Thy Player! Pro Tips for Retaining and Remonetizing Your Most Valued Gamers

Episode 4

Host: Ethan Collins

Join us as we talk to Henry Fong, CEO and founder of global games publisher, Yodo1. Henry discusses his team’s work on Transformers: Earth Wars (China edition) and how they designed and executed community events to retain and remonetize their most valued players, from minnows to super whales.

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Henry is Founder and CEO of Yodo1, a leading games publisher that helps Indie game developers publish, promote, and monetize their games worldwide including hit titles such as Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede and Ski Safari. At Yodo1, he co-produced numerous games including Crossy Road's Multiplayer Game Mode, Robot Entertainment's Hero Academy - China Battle Grounds, Defiant Development's Ski Safari - China Edition. He is a frequent presenter at GDC and Casual Connect on game design and globalization.

Based in Beijing, Henry is an avid blogger on mobile gaming and an expert blogger in the Gamasutra community.

You can follow him on LinkedIn.