Maria Maunula: How To Keep Your Community Engaged, Giving Back, And Asking For More

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Episode 12

Host: Joseph Woo

From PC games to mobile F2P FPS, Finnish development company Nitro Games went from a small team in 2007 to a development and publishing house of 40+. A company who is also listed on the NASDAQ First North Growth Market

Jump into this episode of The GCM Podcast as we're joined by Community Manager, Maria Maunula. She talks about her experiences entering into the games industry and role as a Community Manager, what it’s like wearing assorted hats of responsibility in a small studio, and working with her Hero Squad to grow and keep the success and excitement of Heroes of Warland fresh.


This geeky, cheeky and adventurous Community Manager from Finland has a wicked eye for photography, a knack for content creation, and untameable wanderlust.

Being the wearer of many hats, her value within Nitro Games certainly isn’t singular. You'll also find her wrangling the daily Scrum Master duties, diving into Quality Assurance, and leading the charge in Localization

With Maria’s 13-plus years of marketing experience on top of her enthusiastic and sociable nature, you know she’s got the spunk to take on just about anything.

Just as lively outside of her profession as she is inside, Maria is an avid life-long gamer, a fantasy cosplay and photography pro, travel blogger and videographer. She’s also got two gorgeous feline fur-babies named Meepo and Bitti (gaze lovingly at them here).