Kelvin Plomer and Steve Wilson: The Nuances Of Anonymity And Online Safety

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Episode 11

Host: Marina Espin

There's both a beauty and detriment to the anonymity the online world allows us to pursue. On the one hand, it means that we're able to shield our identities to varying degrees as we engage with content and other people. On the opposite side of the same hand, it leaves everyone and everything we believe in open to masked criticism, harassment, and attacks. Tune into GCM Podcast episode 11 as we talk to Kelvin, Director of Player Experience, and Steve, Player Support Manager, about online safety, their roles at Jagex, and efforts to maintain a safe and toxicity free environment within the Runescape community.


Part of the senior management team at Jagex, Kelvin is an expert and thought leader in customer services and player experience. He has cross-studio responsibility for improving player experience, leads Jagex’s always-on Player Support & Localisation departments, and heads up Jagex’s Charitable Giving strategy – which has raised almost half a million pounds since 2017 for mental health awareness. An excellent motivational speaker, he has represented the company at conferences lending his expertise on how others can ensure customer service best practice is followed. Kelvin will have been with Jagex for 15 years next January.

 Outside of Jagex, Kelvin is a film buff (Empire Strikes Back is the best film ever!) an avid reader of fact & fiction – with a particularly keen interest in politics (“I mentioned Brexit once, and I think I got away with it”), having studied Modern History & Politics at the University of London.  He also enjoys photography, and kicking about with his two teenagers.



Steve is a Jagex veteran of 12 years, taking the lead on all aspects of Community Safety and Moderation as the company’s Player Support Manager. Steve works on collaborative projects for online safety, sharing expertise and best practice working with organisations such as the Internet Watch Foundation and the National Crime Agency. Within the industry, he’s an inaugural member of the Fair Play Alliance, a forum for gaming professionals and companies to work together to develop and share best practices in encouraging healthy communities and awesome player interactions in online gaming.

Steve’s team provide online moderation for all of Jagex’s games, with a global user base of 260 million accounts. As well as designing automated safety heuristics, he also heads up the team of human moderators who prioritise and escalate serious issues for law enforcement intervention or to arrange welfare checks for players facing extreme challenges in their lives. Steve also volunteers for one of Jagex’s corporate charity partners, the Prince’s Trust, offering interview advice and guidance within the ‘get hired’ programme for young people who need a little support as they venture into the marketplace to secure their first job. 

Outside of work Steve’s a keen football (soccer) fan, car enthusiast and runs ‘the bank of Dad’ for his 2 children!