Darcy Smith: Reviews and Feedback – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Beauty That Ties It All Together!

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Episode 7

Host: Ethan Collins

Feedback: It’s a community managers job to collect it, determine its priority and relevance and relay it to the team when applicable. It can be good, it can be bad, and sometimes it can be downright ugly. Though it differs across platforms there is one thing that remains the same across the board: it comes from a place of passion. Even when it’s ugly, it’s important to remind yourself it’s just as personal to them as it is to you. Listen to GCM podcast episode seven as Darcy, Community Manager at League of Geeks and Project Lead for Armello, touches upon his various experiences with players who have reached their defining moment within a game to leave a good, bad, or ugly review.

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Darcy has a brief and dark history in stage-comedy and complete disregard for where one profession ends and another begins. He makes his coworkers live’s "fun and interesting" with dumb jokes, relentless collaboration and an unquenchable desire to craft quality experiences.