Marina Espin

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Podcast Host


Marina is most certainly the life of the party! She’s been a part of the GCM team since August 2019 is an absolute gem of a host. She’s got oodles of energy and smarts and is always trying to spark conversation and learn new things. 

Originally from Barcelona, Marina is the Business Development Team Manager for Yodo1, an industry renowned company and a leading expert for game monetization. Marina’s fluency in Mandarin and love for Asia has helped her career soar, opening the door to a whole new world in tech, from her experiences as Project Leader for TEDx Beijing to her now valuable role at Yodo1.

Work left aside, she loves reading science-fiction books and watching Friends, especially on rainy days. Skiing has always been her hobby and learning how to play the ukulele is first on her to-do list. She takes any chance she gets to visit friends abroad and travel, taking her dog with her whenever possible!


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