Flo Alcasas

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Writer // Podcast + Blog Editor


Flo is our resident wordsmith and written English expert. Besides writing for GCM Hub, she runs her own travel blog and works as a freelance writer and English communication coach. 

She has been a writer and language instructor for over a decadeㅡa career she started in Asia after finishing her studies in Africa and the Netherlands. Initially landing in the Philippines as a volunteer, she went on to launch a nonprofit corporation in education and livelihood. While still involved with local charities, she now works online and changes location often.

As a global citizen, Flo is always on the moveㅡbut never without something to write on. She's fascinated by travel, language, and human psychology. In her free time, she dabbles in boxing, mixed martial arts, surfing, basketball, playing guitar, and drumming whenever the opportunity arises.


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